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    What's going on in Florida is a potentially destructive debacle that can shake the public's confidence in elections. But, at this point, reckless rhetoric from politicians is to blame for any lasting damage, not the behaviour of election officials, Keith Boag writes.

  2. ROYAL Charles 135432

    Prince Charles, who turns 70 today, has spent his lifetime doing charitable work, but his history of sharing strong opinions has left some observers uneasy about how he will serve as king.

  3. Southern California Wildfires

    The death toll in the Northern California Camp Fire grew today to 48, as recovery teams identified six more sets of human remains from Paradise, the town overrun by flames last week.


    If share prices of U.S. tech giants continue to decline, American taxpayers may have reason to be bitter about out how some industry leaders spent their tax-cut windfalls that were supposed to help create jobs.

  5. Boeing Controls

    Boeing didn't tell airline pilots about features of a new flight-control system in its 737 MAX that reportedly is a focus of the investigation into last month's deadly crash in Indonesia, according to pilots who fly the jet in the U.S.